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Thread: Problem with Dimension Lookup/Update Step in 3.2.0

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    Question Problem with Dimension Lookup/Update Step in 3.2.0

    i have a problem with the dimension lookup/update step in PDI 3.2.0
    with the version date fields stored in the dimension table

    my input are 3 rows:
    row 1:
    OBJID: 2128
    DATE: 01-01-1900
    CONTENT: 3
    row 2:
    OBJID: 2128
    DATE: 01-01-2005
    CONTENT: 13
    row 3:
    OBJID: 2128
    DATE: 01-01-2008
    CONTENT: 13

    I have set the step to create a version at the change of CONTENT
    for the OBJID and have set the stream date field to DATE

    In this sample, i expect to get 2 rows in the dimension table:
    Version 1 valid from 01-01-1900 to 01-01-2005
    Version 2 valid from 01-01-2005 to 01-01-2200 (my max date)

    but i get the following 2 rows:
    Version 1 valid from 01-01-1900 to 01-01-1900
    Version 2 valid from 01-01-1900 to 01-01-2200

    in 3.1.0 i got the rows as i expected.

    am i doing something wrong or is this somwhow bug??

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    is there anybody out there who is using 3.2.0 and the dimension lookup/update step?

    i use it and it doesn't work, i found my problem meanwhile,
    it seems an old bug is back, which is very ugly ...

    "the used stream date is only taken from the first record, then never again"

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    It's more likely it has something to do with that 1900-01-01 "changed date".
    In any case, either re-open the JIRA case or file a new one with a sample transformation attached.

    Thanks in advance,

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    did that already, attached samples now

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    Thanks a lot!

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