How best to do?

I have some data that I'm manipulating, which I then need to do two different things with.

Basic Flow:
1) Get Data
2) Transform
3) Delete Data from table where new data in stream
4) Insert New Data from stream

Can I pull the data out of the results stream twice?

I tried doing this within a single transform, using copy and a blocking step, but the stream coming out of the delete step doesn't provide the same number of fields in the stream.

How is the best way to do this?

Note: I can't just use an update step because it's in the form of:

ID Date Type Value LastUpdated
1 2009-07-03 L 500 1234567890
1 2009-07-03 V 450 1234567890

If an update for ID 1, Date 2009-07-03 comes in, all the old data for that Date has to get wiped out, even if no new Value for that Type comes in.