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Thread: again page numbers

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    Default again page numbers

    guys please i need help in page numbers
    i have master report and many subreports in header footer , and in page footer i have function page of pages and i make page footer sticky

    and some subreports has bage break after in report footer

    but currently , page number only appear in the last page

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee guys
    i need it to work

    and i tried from searching, i can't discover is it a bug or iam making something wrong or what

    waiting a reply

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    Page-Footers in subreports are unreliable in 0.8.9, and should not be used. If you need page-numbers in the page-footer, use the master-report's page footer only. There is no bugfix for this in the 0.8.9 codeline and there will be no bugfix there, as that change requires heavy architectural changes. Citrus fixes that.
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    yess, iam using page footer in master report , not in subreport

    and it appears in the last page only

    is that normal??

    and thanks for your reply

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    Your master-report's page-footer must be marked sticky. Sticky make sure that the footer is imported into the subreport space. If the footer is not sticky, the subreport's pagefooter would override the master-report's page-footer all the time. (However, as soon as your last band is printed, the subreport disappears and thus on the last page of the subreport, you cant be sure whether the subreport's footer or the master's footer will appear.)
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    actually page footer in subreports all are empty, so i make sticky options cause i need the footer in master report to override the one in subreports

    but what i get from your words, the problem may be from the option in sub report report footer , page break after ???

    do u mean this

    and if you mean this , how can i solve it

    i tried to eliminate this option , but the layout of the report won't be that one i want and also the same problem exist , the master report footer only appear on the last page

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