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Thread: Same id_batch on parallel running kitchen-processes

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    Default Same id_batch on parallel running kitchen-processes


    first of all: We currently still use PDI 2.5.1 because of some custom Plugins which could not migrated yet.

    We use the kettle-logging (transformationlog and joblog) to determine how many rows have been updated/deleted/inserted by a transformation and we have our own logging which logs the name of the transformation, the corresponding id_job and the id_batch, so that we can link it per database joins.

    Now we encouter a problem, when we start more than one kitchen process at the same time, because it seem's, that all transformations get the same batch_id, so the transformation which ends last, will insert it's written/updated/deleted-rows into the table. The other values are lost.

    Is this just a PDI 2.5.1. Problem or will it still exist in other releases?

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    I know about the problem but I recall fixing this somewhere in the 3.x line.

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