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Thread: formula expression with if condition data not displaying while publishing

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    Default formula expression with if condition data not displaying while publishing

    Hi ,
    i m using pentaho report designer 2.0 .
    in my report im using if condition in formula expression its working fine preview
    but after publishing in the server its not displaying any value (returning null).

    here are the jar files i included :-
    pentaho_pentaho-core-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-core-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-cwm-1.5.4 ${ext}/pentaho-cwm-1.5.4.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-data-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-data-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-i18n-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-i18n-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-messages-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-messages-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-meta-1.6.0.GA.158 ${ext}/pentaho-meta-1.6.0.GA.158.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-plugin-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-plugin-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-publisher-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-publisher-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-report-wizard-core ${ext}/pentaho-report-wizard-core.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-0.8.9-rc6 ${ext}/pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-0.8.9-rc6.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-ext-0.8.9-rc6 ${ext}/pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-ext-0.8.9-rc6.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-repository-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-repository-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-security-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-security-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-test-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-test-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-ui-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-ui-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-util-1.6.0.GA ${ext}/pentaho-util-1.6.0.GA.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-versionchecker ${ext}/pentaho-versionchecker.jar
    pentaho_pentaho-vfs ${ext}/pentaho-vfs.jar
    is this is problem with version. if problem with version wher can i get all these jar advanced version .
    please help me to resolve this issue

    Thanks :-

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    Using report-designer 2.0 with platform 1.6 will lead to a disrupted time-space continuum. Yesterday I tried installing Windows 95 on my Commodore 64 and it did not work either. Somehow manufacturers are unwilling to let old applications use the features they are going to implement in future versions. Is'nt that cruel?

    In the mean time, you can your server to BI-Server 2.0, if you want to use the Report-Designer 2.0, or you have to use report-designer 1.6 in conjunction with BI-Server 1.6
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