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Thread: Fact and Dimension Design

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    Default Fact and Dimension Design

    I am totally done by this creatoi of dimension and fact tables.
    my fact table Design:
    Product_Sur_Key Int,
    Contact_Mech_Id Int,
    Country_Geo_Id Int,
    Price decimal,
    Qty decimal,
    TotAmt Decimal

    my doubt is that price,qty,totamt should be coming from one of dimension tables..bcos in product dimension table i dont have that columns

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    It all depends... I've seen some strange designs over the years, if it works for you go with it

    - data warehousing is to make data available in a fast way for reports/analysis. Which reports/what analysis do you want to do on your data?... does your table design allow you to do what you want?
    If your answer is along the lines: I don't know, someone told me to make a star schema design and we'll figure out what to put the on the reports later... you'll probably hit a brick wall somewhere... and earlier than you think.

    - Normally you would define the grain of your fact table... your example doesn't reveal a lot . But I guess it's wrong... do you want to count quantities or single prices?

    btw this has nothing to do with PDI


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