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Thread: Using Parameters in a Javascript step

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    Default Using Parameters in a Javascript step

    To use a Parameter inside a JavaScript step using PDI you do the following

    Step 1:
    Go into the Transformation's properties->Parameter tab
    Create a variable, for instance RUNDATE and set a default value, say 07.15.2009.
    Click OK.

    Step 2:
    In the javascript step in PDI, if you wanted to feed that variable in as a Date you would use the following line

    StopDate = str2date(getVariable("RUNDATE", "07.01.2009"),"MM.dd.yyyy");
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    var runDate = getVariable("RUNDATE", "?");
    From the sample help code:

    // Retrieves the value of a given Kettle/Pentaho Variable
    // Usage:
    // getVariable(var, var);
    // 1: String - The name of the variable to retrieve.
    // 2: String - The default if the variable doesn't exist.
    // 2007-07-27
    var strVarName="getVariableTest";
    var strVarValue="123456";
    Alert(getVariable(strVarName, ""));
    setVariable(strVarName,strVarValue, "r");
    Alert(getVariable(strVarName, ""));
    setVariable(strVarName,strVarValue, "r");
    Alert(getVariable(strVarName, ""));

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