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Thread: Using System Actions to control data acess

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    Default Using System Actions to control data acess


    I have followed this link :

    and created the said xaction files to try out the sample. However when I execute the report getactualsforRegion.xaction I get the following error :

    Error: RuntimeContext.ERROR_0018 - The requested parameter "strRegion" has a NULL value (
    Debug: Starting execute of Deepak//getActualsForRegion.xaction (
    Debug: Getting runtime context and data (
    Debug: Loading action sequence definition file (
    Debug: audit: instanceId=fd2f8285-71fc-11de-b505-19b198fe5ff4,, messageType=action_sequence_start (
    Debug: validateComponent validating component SQLLookupRule (
    Debug: Validating component for action getActualsForRegion.xaction (org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.sql.SQLLookupRule)
    Debug: Executing action sequence (
    Error: RuntimeContext.ERROR_0018 - The requested parameter "strRegion" has a NULL value (
    Debug: audit: instanceId=fd2f8285-71fc-11de-b505-19b198fe5ff4,, messageType=action_sequence_failed (
    Error: RuntimeContext.ERROR_0013 - Parameters could not be resolved (
    Error: SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 - Action sequence execution failed (

    Could somebody help me with this? I have attached the relevant files mentioned in the wiki page.

    I am using Pentaho BI Server 3.0 stable on tomcat Windows XP SP2 and Design studio 3.0.
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    Default got it working

    well i got it working after all.. the issue seems to be that variable should be named "name" as this is the variable that is initialized with the value of the user who logs in.

    anybody have an idea what other such variables are initialized at startup?
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    I think there is one called "role" as well but I haven't heard of any others. If there are any more it would be good to hear of them.

    Good luck

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    The documentation is SO VAST! thank you!
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