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Thread: Parsing XML w/ Scripts?

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    Default Parsing XML w/ Scripts?


    I have a field which contains an XML blob in it... I would like to extract a sub blob from that field. The "Get data from XML" will delimit all nested values which is not what I am looking for - I would like the inner XML to be left intact...

    I am thinking I could use a scripting component but I am not sure which would be easiest as I do not know what libraries are available in the JS and Java scripting components. Worse case scenario I can use REGEX but, with the right library, it could be easier in one of the other two.

    Do you have any recommendations or can you give me any insight as to what functions might be available to the scripting components?



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    The JavaScript contains E4X with which you can do pretty much anything.

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    Default I like it!

    I have to say... thats a pretty hot little util!



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    Default Question...

    Is it possible to turn 1 row into multiple rows via the javascript component?

    For example:

    If the XML is


    How do I produce an output row for each item?



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