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Thread: Suggestion or example

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    Default Suggestion or example

    I have to create a job to retrieve a list of 1300 items and for each item get its features from a table and do some update.
    So far I have never done such a job (for each X do ...).
    Is there an example you could point me to, please? Skimming in examples I haven't found.

    Thank you,

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    It all depends on what you exactly want ...

    E.g. You could:
    - make a transformation that creates the 1300 rows and passes to the result
    - make a transformation that process 1 row from the result.
    - Make a job that connects both using "execute for each row" on the second transformation.

    You could also:
    - Make 1 tramsformation that creates the 1300 rows and works with the those rows inside the same transformation. E.g. table input has an option that it will execute an SQL statement per incoming row (although the output would still appear on 1 output).



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    Hi Nico,

    It takes longer to explain it then it is to do it actually...

    Basically you create a job A.

    The first job entry is a transformation. In there you grab the 1300 rows and send them to the "Copy rows to result" step. (Job category)

    In the second job entry runs a job B. You need to select the option "Execute for every input row". In B you can use the result row again in a transformation (get rows from result) or set variables first.

    In the samples you will find:

    • samples/jobs/shell for every row
    • samples/jobs/run_all
    • process all tables


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