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Thread: Problems with AD authentication

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    Default Problems with AD authentication

    Good morning

    I've followed tha how-to for active dirtectory authentication (, but pentaho continue to gives me login error.

    In PentahoAuditLog.log I have found this entry:
    Session startup actions system session global-department-list.xaction org.pentaho.platform.eng system session instance_failed 09f534be-7115-11de-b3a7-ebbc81a750aa Solution
    Engine.ERROR_0007 - Esecuzione dell'Action Sequence fallita 0.18199999630451202

    Have you any solutions?

    How can I put pentaho in debugging so I can understand the error?


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    I've foud this error in catalina.out
    " java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user 'pentaho'@''"

    So I've tried to use mysql client from the server with the same authentication parameter and the connection is succefull. But from pentaho it can't authenticate. Why?


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    You should try to intercept the LDAP communication between the BI Server and the Active Directory, for example using Wireshark. That's how I debugged AD logins for the HOWTO.

    If you suspect that the login problem comes not from AD but from a startup XAction, disable those in "pentaho-solutions/system/sessionStartupActions.xml".

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