For those of you following the PAT releases we have a new version for you to test out, here's a run down of some of the changes:
Paul's implemented the first stage of a connection manager along with some demo modes that integrate with Pentaho BI Server.

I've rewritten the table model thanks to some code from Julian and the Olap4J project, so most of the table computation is now server side and much more efficient, also we have implemented the GWT Mosaic Live Table which buffers up tables > 150 rows so the web browser doesn't slow down if you try and render 10,000 rows.

Also some minor details, the old right click menu rubbish on the dimensions is still there, but we've swapped it to left click now so its not as badly hidden away, and there is also an mdx code editor thing, currently its just a textbox, but one of the guys is working on a self formatting, color coding wonderous rich text editor that will be available in 0.5.

Anyway head over to the download site, and grab a copy: