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Thread: Delay a transformation

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    Default Delay a transformation

    Hello Forum,

    my input is an Excel Sheet. I'm doing some calculation per JavaScript and then I'm writing the result into 8 different Palo dimension. (I'm using the Palo Olap Plugin). After the JavaScript Step, the result is copied 8 times... one per dimension.

    If I start this transformation, sometimes all worked fine, sometime only 2 dimensions were written, while the other 6 are running and running... and I must close Kettle. So currently I disable 6 Dims, and write the result to the other 2 Dims. Then I enable 2 other Dims and disable the first 2.

    Is there some kind of delay step within Kettle? I want to start the writing to a Dim only if the Writing step before has finished. How can I do that?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Peter,

    What you could do is put the input and javascript in one transformation and write to the dimensions in separate transformations. After each succesfull transformation, you create a file. And only execute the next transformation after a "Wait for file" step is successfull.

    You could also try to find out what is wrong with the current transformation.


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    Thanks. I have dublicated the transformation several times and placed them into a job.
    The transformations are okay, they work in single execution. I think that there is an error in Palo while parallel access. Before some month I tried to give Palo data by the HTTP interface and there were also a lot of strange failures. Insertations that worked in "slow mode" doesnt work if I speed up the insertation.

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