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    In the SQLeonardo aspect of Report Designer, when trying to "preview" a query, nothing is displaying when I press the button. Outside of selecting fields in tables and linking the tables, is there anything else that needs to be done for this to work?

    Also, when I exit SQLeonardo and press 'ok' to get out of the configure window, I get an Oracle error for table not found. However, the tables are there.


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    Default Give more

    Please post errors more details

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    It could be that you SQL syntax is not correct.

    Ive seen this sort of problem before if you do not group by and order by correctly. Its woth noting that MySQL will order by the group (by default) as far as i remember - Ivy Information Systems

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    For the query, I am just letting SQLeonardo develop the query. I'm not modifying it at all.

    After I exit SQLeonardo and try to try to 'OK' the configuration, I get the attached error message below.
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    most probably you have chosen a different schema than the default one (of the user you are connecting with) in SQLeonardo. the query editor doesn't mind that then but if you want to execute this query you're gonna need to put the schema name in front of your table names


    select * from SCHEMA_NAME.TABLE_NAME

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    Cany anyone explain to me why SQLeonardo restricts to a single Schema? In very early versions of PRD like 1.1 it used to let you use all available schemas. Maybe it had somthing to do with syntactical problems when trying to qualify schema.table for specific DB's? I personally don't use SL but some of our less technical report writers would like to use it and find SL to be a PIA.
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