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Thread: MongoDB Output plugin - how to update by querying _id field ?

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    Default MongoDB Output plugin - how to update by querying _id field ?


    I am trying to update a mongodb document by specifying _id field for the query match. I am using mongodb output component.
    I am not able to specify the query criteria as below

    {"_id" : ObjectId("579c18b47f34b4330f85a981")}

    Instead the query is getting created as

    {"_id" : "579c18b47f34b4330f85a981"}

    with this query is not finding the document, and the update operation fails with the error No fields to update have been specified for modifier update operation!

    am getting the id to be passed as a string from the previous step, and setting _id as the match criteria in the "Mongo Document Fields" tab.

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    OK Everyone, I've FINALLY figured this out!

    1. MongoDB Import: Set it up as you would expect
    2. More transformations!!!!
    3. Modified Java Script Value:
      • Add the following code: var _newId = "{ '$oid': '" + _id + "' }";
      • Set up an output mapping at the bottom.
        • Fieldname: _newId
        • Rename to: _id
        • Replace value 'Fieldname' or 'Rename to': Y

    4. More transformations if desired!!!
    5. MongoDB Output:

    • Set _id up:
      • Use field name: Y
      • NULL values: Ignore
      • JSON: Y <------------------------------------------------ This is the trick!!!!
      • Match field for update: Y <----- tells PDI to use for querying
      • Modifier operatino: N/A

    Now when you look at your field mapping output (press SPACEBAR on the MongoDB Output), you'll see it listed as a JSON Document.

    You should now be good to upsert!


    Mongo (via Docker) 3.2.8, no auth (all for testing purposes)
    PDI version: pdi-ce-

    PS, this is literally the worst forum software I've ever used. There is ZERO formatting....
    Last edited by drewlover; 10-12-2016 at 03:41 PM. Reason: I figured it out!

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    Thank you!

    I was just googling for this exact situation.

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