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Thread: changing the background color of a chart for value ranges

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    Default changing the background color of a chart for value ranges


    i have the following problem:

    i hava a horizontal bar chart and i want a change in the background color if a certain value range is reached by the bar.
    For example: i have values ranging from 0-20. Now i want the background color very dark grey where the value ranges between 0-10 and for 10-15 i want the background color dark grey and for the rest 15-20 i want the color set to light grey indicating a good condition for that measure.

    thanks in advance


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    Sounds like your after some sort of bar-area chart which I don't think is possible. You could do a bar-line chart and have the line showing the split between "good" and "bad".

    Just had a quick look and I can't see a way to set a colour under the line though which would solve your problem. Might be possible but charts are some thing of a black art at the moment and I have no idea what style settings are possible.

    I guess if your graphs scale is always going to be the same you could use a background image, but that would go wrong if you ever change the number of bars or the scale of the chart.

    Good luck

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    It is much like the dialchart from the CDF-Samples/ChartsSamples.

    The code fragment in metalayer looks like this:

    dialChartDefinition : {
    width: 300,
    height: 200,
    chartType: "DialChart",
    queryType: 'mdx',
    is3d: 'true',
    jndi: "SampleData",
    title: "Check current budget",
    catalog: "solution:steel-wheels/analysis/SampleData.mondrian.xml",
    //colors: ["#F16C3A","#FFFF00","#B0D837"],
    intervals: [7000000,70000000,150000000],
    includeLegend: true,

    the importent thing here is the interval line which indicates where the colors will change.
    I dont want a dial with a needle i only want a simple bar chart with varying backgrounds.

    Stephen Few's website is a good reference for information visualization and design with BI context. As is Edward R. Tufte for general information about these topics.

    Actually i want to implement this:


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