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Thread: Handling csv file

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    I want to process data from csv file to table. In end of csv file (in a date column), there is one value as ''.

    If i try to load into target, it gives error :couldn't convert string [] to a date using format [yyyy-MM-dd]

    I added data validator and defined 'verify data type' and specified data type as 'Date' so that only date values should pass and '' should go to error handling part of data validator to a error_table. I enabled error handling. But i am still getting the same error

    Please suggest.

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    i have even specified '' in 'Not allowed start string' for data check. Even then its throwing error.


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    DEinspanjer Guest


    If you look closely at the log file, you'll see that the bad data is never making it to the data validator. The CSV Input step is choking on the bad row because you have configured that step with a set of fields to output, one of which is of the type Date. When it tries to convert the bad character into a Date to put in that field, it throws the error.

    If you use the Text File Input step instead, you can configure it with error handling to reject that row. Otherwise, you will have to preparse the file to eliminate the bad row.

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