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Thread: Carte Users

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    Question Carte Users


    Is there some way to create users in carte?

    I need create users because i have a list of jobs but i don't want that users see all of them.


    user1 --> only Job1
    user2 --> only Job2 and Job3
    user3 --> all
    and so on

    Mayra Alejandra.

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    I don't believe you could get job level security out of Carte without changing the source. You could probably implement something by proxying through Apache and using Apache's authentication mechanism to manage the security.
    Or you might be able to use the Pentaho BI Server to manage your user security and set up xactions for the particular jobs that should be available to users to execute.

    Matt or Pentaho enterprise support would probably be able to offer other suggestions

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