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Thread: Replacing Enter Key from input

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    Default Replacing Enter Key from input

    I have an Excel input file that, in some cells, has an enter key. When I pass this flow of data into a plain text file, this enter key in the cell acts as a delimiter and throws data to the wrong fields. I'm trying to use a modified javascript step to replace the enter key, but so far I haven't been able. Has anyone else faced this problem?? I'll appreciate the help.
    Rafael Soto Wilde
    Business Inteligence Consultant

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    Has anyone else faced this problem??
    It has come up on quite a few occasions on this very forum.
    There is a step now called "Replace in String" that you can use.
    The regular expression for \n is \\n of course.
    Since in JavaScript you need to escape backslashes it becomes :

    var newString = replace(oldString, "\\\\n", "")

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