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Thread: Simulating a pointer with javascript

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    Cool Simulating a pointer with javascript


    Can i simulate a pointer with javascript ?
    I want to save the value from a table and compare with other values from that table, and only when I meet certain conditions perform the next step, a insert / update step.

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    Surely you don't need JavaScript for that? ;-)

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    I am getting crazy with the problem of my bridge table ..... this is one of the ways that thought, the other is going to create global variables and storing the values in them ....
    I am almost giving up the kettle and making a stored procedure for this, but how to three different databases, I need to make and maintain three different procedures

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    Leo, poor man!

    Getting a value from a table and comparing it with other rows in the same table is actually very easy with SQL.
    You simply join with the same table.

    FROM customers a, customers b
    WHERE <>
    AND =
    This query for example gets all records from table "customers" where there is another record with the same name. It lists the other record id.

    You can either do this with a Table Input query OR you can use the "Merge Join" step. In that case you read the data twice and sort it on name to join, then apply a filter to remove the extra rows.

    Now, that doesn't mean that you create your bridge table like that. Since you haven't explained what your source system looks like NOR what the requirements are, I'll refrain from commenting on that.


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    Yes, i a very poor man...and I will be poorer if I did not fix this soon .

    I understand your suggestion Matt, actually replaces pointer, but I guess that does not solve my problem in general .. Let me elaborate further:

    I reading data from a relationship table.
    Data from source:
    table_source(IdProc, idAsu)

    I have a dimension to idAsu. Let's call it T_dim_Asu. The structure: T_dim_Asu(pk_T_dim_Asu, idAsu, deAsu).
    I have a fact that may have multiple Asu. To link the fact and my T_dim_Asu, i need another two tables: T_group_Associates and T_associate_fact_dim_Asu.

    T_fact (fk_Group_Associates, fk_dim_proc)
    N - 1
    T_group_Associates (pk_Group_Associates)
    T_associate_fact_dim_Asu (fk_Group_Associates, fk_T_dim_Asu).
    T_dim_Asu (pk_T_dim_Asu).

    * T_associate_fact_dim_Asu is my bridge table.
    * fk_dim_proc is a foreign key pointing to the extent that details of the source data idProc operational.

    That´s only the first bridge table...many others are whaiting for me....poor poor Leo...

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    There is another post with similar question:

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