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Thread: Pentaho vs. MicroStrategy

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    Default Pentaho vs. MicroStrategy

    Hi @ all,

    I used to work with MicroStrategy 8 / 9 BI software, but I am always looking for new BI software - open source software in particular.
    I am just getting strated with Pentaho - but what I read and saw so far was very interesting and caught my attention.

    Here are some questions somebody here might answer:

    1. anybody who worked with both - MSTR and Pentaho - and can tell me some experience? - which software is more stable, which one is easier to handle... - no need to talk about licences
    2. I guess to create dashboards it is a need to create reports before - right?
    3. are there any interaktive widgets integrated? - like interactice bubble charts, etc? - how can I integrate widgets i created on my own (extern)?

    Thanks a lot and best regards

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    Hi again,

    maybe someone can tell me something about this:
    is there any pentaho dashboard demo available, which is similar to this one here

    or maybe someone can tell me, whether it is possible to create similar dashboards with pentaho - particularly the interactive bubble chart...

    thanks a lot and best regards

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    Default pentaho dashboard demo

    I am also looking for some pentaho dashboard demo.

    Also, dashboard does not seem to be part of Community Edition like Kettle,Mondrian. But there seems to be CDF.
    Its a bit confusing to know what product is enterprise and what is not

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    Take a look at
    It is the latest edition.

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    to answer ananth question, CDF is a framework for building dashboards and is part of the community edition. With some javascript / html coding experience, developers are able to provide fully functional dashboards for their users.

    Pentaho build a dashboard designer on top of CDF, which is not part of the community edition but only available with the enterprise edition.


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