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Thread: Sybase reading spaces as null

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    Default Sybase reading spaces as null

    Hi All,

    We found that kettle reads spaces as null, from sybase database. We are searching for a solution to fix this problem.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Warm Regards,

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    Kettle never does that.
    It's more likely the Sybase driver at read or the database at insert...

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    We did observe the following in SQL Server: if the column is empty (not NULL, but '') it will become null when that column is referenced in the transform.

    This behavior is easily duplicated with a table input from one table (that has string columns that contain empty string values like '' -- not NULL) followed by a table output to a NEW destination table in the transform.

    Those column values will become NULL in the destination table when written. This behavior (JDBC, Kettle, whatever) required us to use stored procedures for our writes and explicitly change the NULL values coming out of kettle to empty strings before writing the records.


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    I have seen the same problem with SQL Server also. I tried Jtds and sqljdbc drivers. but both behaves same. Also when I preview the rows from Table Input step it shows me blank value which is correct and tells me that Table input is reading correct values through dirvers.

    I believe there is a problem/limitation with kettle passing these values from table input to the concequative steps. Is there any workaround for this problem?

    Vishal B.

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