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Thread: Strange problem of pivotLink

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    Default Strange problem of pivotLink


    It's a strange problem, I have a pivotLink component in my dashboard, when I click the link, the popup window redirect to login page, but after I login i, it did’nt show the pivot table. Then I tried the given sample of pivotLink, still got the pb

    As I don't know why, i tried it with the downloaded pentaho version -biserce-ce-3.0, it works well, and directly show the pivot table.

    I guess it's a pb of permission using MDX, but I can't figure out
    maybe have to change something config file since i built the pentaho manuelly.

    Thanks for any helps!!

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    pb is caused by the different base-url between web.xml and the one we type in the broswer, by example
    in the web.xml , base-url:
    but in the broswer if the url is locahost, than the pentaho acegi is called to login when call for xactions.(even I tried to authenticate the anonymous role to the dashboard ,that doesn't make it work)

    so better not use ip address as base-url if u get the domaine address.

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