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Thread: loops in reports

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    Default loops in reports

    heey guys

    missed you from my last posting

    i have something i need to make it, but i don't how or how to start

    i have table in my DB , it contains calculations for bank branches

    and have a report to display that calculations , it consists of cover page and another page contains the calculations

    the thing i wanna to do is

    i have many branches, and it is not logic to make the same report for each branch , "the difference will be only in the where clause in the query , i'll change branch_id value"

    soo, i need to loop on the branch values and print the report for every branch , so if i have 10 branches , the report will be 20 pages , "cover page and calculation page for each one"

    how can i do this ???

    waiting the replies, and thanks in advance

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    Sort and Group by branch_id. Use the group-header for the summary page and then subgroups and itemband as usual for the next page. Just enforce a pagebreak before and after-print on the group header and everything will be fine.
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    Thanks taque , it works

    but i need another thing :$

    is it possible to seperate these reports based on groups in different pdfs ????

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    Yes, but that then has to happen inside an XAction in the platform (or in Java code, if you dont use the platform). The concept behind that is called bursting, and there are samples for that contained in the BI-server download.
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    good it exists in pentaho

    but, i searched alot and i can't find any steps to make burst or any guides, jut telling that pentaho has burst for reports and concept of bursting

    isn't there any tutorials that describes how to do it

    and aboutthe sample you mentioned , is it a seperate sample , "i downloaded the trial version of BI , but which sample exactly ?

    thanks in avance

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