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    Is there a step that can encrypt/decrypt a value?

    I need to read some values from a text file and encrypt them, store them in another file and later a different transformation needs to read and decrypt them.

    I noticed that when you export a job/transformation into xml, if there are any database connections with passwords those are encrypted. Basically I need this same functionality.



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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Database passwords aren't really encrypted, they are merely encoded.
    There aren't any built in steps that can perform encryption. You could write a plugin or use the JavaScript step to do so, but please realize that it takes a lot more than just an encrypt step to make a secure system.
    It has been mentioned many times in previous threads that you can't really have securely encrypted data if someone has access to the automated utility (in this case, Kettle) that encrypts or decrypts the data. If the utility is running in an automated fashion, that means that it has the encryption keys stored somewhere, and if they can see those encryption keys, they can decrypt the data.

    If this is an actual business requirement, I strongly recommend that you find someone in your organization who is familiar with developing code or systems for secure communication and consult with them before embarking on this approach.

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    A little bit more on this subject:

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