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Thread: error handling tab

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    Default error handling tab

    A question about the error handling tab of some input steps (i.e.text file input)
    What kind of errors does it capture (or is it supposed to capture) ?

    I ask this because many times I fail using it and I don't know if it is because I'm not using it correctly, or because the tab is not prepared to handle the kind of errors my data has.


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    It's a left-over of an era when animals could still speak.

    If you set the directories and enable the error handling, the step will write down line numbers into a file called <original filename>_<timestamp>.line in case it encounters a parsing error etc.

    If you then "fix" the file (same for XLS input by the way) you can "Replay" the transformation specifying <timestamp> as replay date.
    This will cause the "Text File Input" (and "Excel Input") step to only consider the lines in the .line file.

    That's what it was meant for, not the generic step error handling as we know it today.


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    Thanks, Matt.
    All that you mentioned here can perfectly be done without using that tab. In fact, as you said, now there are better ways to capture and handle errors.
    In fact, we HAVE to use other solutions for the input steps that don't have that error tab.
    May I conclude that the error tab is obsolete?


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    Talking There's a way around

    Hi there!

    My humble contribution to this is: there exists a "Data validation" step, that lets you define validation rules.

    And even better: you have an example in the keetle installation dir.



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