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Thread: Interesting challenge ...

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    Exclamation Interesting challenge ...

    Hello everyone!

    This is me asking for help again!

    In the source system, I have:
    pk_code, start_date, end_date
    pk_code indicates a person.
    start_date indicates the date on which that person left.
    end_date indicates the date on which such person returned.

    In fact table I have:
    k_timeDimension_key, k_PersonCodeDimension_key, nuDays.
    k_timeDimension_key indicates key dimension of time that has month as grain.
    k_PersonCodeDimension_key indicates the key to the dimension of person.
    nuDays indicates how many days in the month the person was out.

    So my problem: I need to turn a record of the source on N records, each for a month in which the person was absent.

    Example (date is dd/mm/yyyy):

    System Source( pk_code, start_date, end_date):
    035444, 01/ 01/2008, 03/03/2008

    In this case, I would have three records in fact table from a record of the source system, with date (MM / YYYY) and number of days outside the month.

    01/2008, 31 days,
    02/2008, 28 days,
    03/2008, 3 days.

    Steps? Javascript? SQL? All included?I have no idea of where to start with the problem. Suggestions are veeeeryyyyyy welcome!


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    Default If you had an extra table...

    If you had a table with one row per date (here's a link to create that with MS SQL Common Table Expressions) you could join your source table to the days table and then count up the rows. Here's some pseudocode:

    select s.pk_code, month(, count(*)
    from source s inner join dates d
    on >= s.start_date and <= s.end_date
    group by s.pk_code, month(

    Maybe this will spark your creativity. Good luck!

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    Here you have ...
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