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Thread: Kettle Monitoring in JBOSS 5.1 GA

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    Default Kettle Monitoring in JBOSS 5.1 GA


    I am using Kettle 3.2.0 for data transformation requirements in a web application. The web application runs on JBOSS 5.1.

    One of the related requirements is in terms of monitoring long running data transformation jobs. Is there any mechanism through which the data transformation job may be monitored from jmx console?


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    pstoellberger Guest


    the enterprise console in the enterprise edition of PDI can do that

    you could simply just log a start and end date-time to a db table and monitor that with your web application (or just turn the job-logging to DB on)

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    Thanks a lot pstoellberger. Thats a great help to me.

    I will surely try doing it the DB way as per your recommendation, and share any issues/concerns that I may face.

    Thanks again.

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