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Thread: Database lookup limit 1

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    Default Database lookup limit 1


    I have to lookup my ipdatabase using
    SELECT `ip_start` FROM `ip_group_country` where `ip_start` <= FIELD order by ip_start desc limit 1;

    By using the database lookup, I might get several rows because it not support limit 1;
    I know I can use sql script, but have to define the parameters for FIELD each row;

    Is there anyway to get this done by Lookup?



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    db join step?

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    database lookup step
    seem the pb is solved, by addint with 'order by desc' the step by defaut get the first row correspond

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    yes the db lookup get the first row.
    anyway you can do this with the step sql script. if you have parameters, you must defined in a previous transformation (step set variables). Later in a sql script, recover the parameter in this way '${PARAMETERS}'
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    anyway you can do this with the step sql script
    Oi, hernanthiebaut, Noooo!!!!

    Use the "DB Join" step instead. The SQL script, scripts SQL in the form of dynamic SQL which is always slow. It's designed for those occasions when you need to create/update/delete a bunch of partitions, tables, indexes dynamically.

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    matt, I know... this is not the best option, only intended to clarify what he said... but that`s works or not?...
    The step sql script almost always can be avoided with another steps...
    sorry if you misunderstood...

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