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Thread: Read me first!

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    Exclamation Read me first!

    Hello Kettle, Pentaho Data Integration enthusiast!

    Thank you for taking the time to drop in for a visit to this forum.
    It's for certain one of the more interesting places to hang out if you're an ETL fan. However, I would really like you to first go over the information described below before jumping in...

    Forum purpose: PDI

    The purpose of this forum is to discuss Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) in general and as specific as you like. It's appreciated if your posts pertain to this topic. It should go without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that offensive / off topic posts will be swiftly moved or removed by our team of moderators/admins.

    For the complete Terms of Use, look at the link at the bottom of every page.


    When posting, keep in mind that nobody is being payed or coerced into answering on this forum. As such, if you want to get a reply think of the following pointers:

    • Keep your post as short as possible
      • If it takes 30 minutes to read/analyze your post, it's unlikely anyone will answer

    • Include enough details
      • Mention the PDI version you're using
      • Don't forget to include error messages, traces
      • Attach transformations/jobs if needed

    • Don't hijack threads
      • If you have a new topic, start a new thread

    • Don't spam
      • Do NOT ask the same question multiple times
      • Do NOT post "Why didn't I get a reply?" comments a few hours after the original question.

    • Post in the English language
      • This is not an absolute requirement, there are folks from around the world that visit the PDI forum. However, it greatly enhances your chance of getting a reply.
      • If you don't speak English at all or not very well please remember: a picture/attachment speaks a thousand words. As a non native English speaker I understand completely.

    • Search before asking

    • Pentaho employees disclaimer
      • They are also not payed to answer questions on this forum
      • For professional support and services always contact
      • You can hope for it, just don't expect employees to have time for very detailed questions, keep it simple.

    Bug reporting and feature requests

    If you think you found a bug or a missing feature it's not at all against the law to start a thread about it over here on the forum. However, please realize that a forum is not a good way of keeping track of issues. This is especially the case for this forum with over 72,000 messages on it. Things tend to get lost in such a big cloud of messages. For this purpose we have the excellent and free JIRA case tracking system at your disposal where nothing ever gets lost.

    For PDI specifically, you can go here and browse the bug history and/or submit a new case.

    We prefer to have bugs reported multiple times rather than not at all. WHEN IN DOUBT, FILE A BUG REPORT!
    If the result of a thread is a new JIRA case, please post a comment with a link to the case. Also mention the forum thread as a link in the JIRA case if that's relevant.

    JIRA case handling

    The JIRA cases that are entered are triaged every week (or thereabouts) and prioritized/assigned. It goes without saying (but again I'll say it anyway) that we give no guarantee as to when your bug or feature request is being handled. There are a lot of issues in JIRA already.

    What is certain is that we give our Enterprise Edition customers and partners priority with respect to both bug resolution and feature requests. Beyond the paying customers we look at the popularity of certain bugs, the votes they get, etc.

    What is also certain is that the easier it is for us to process/treat a case, the faster it will be resolved in general. In that respect it's critical that you provide us with as much information as possible to reproduce a bug or implement a feature. If you provide patches on top of all that we immediately think you are a hero.

    Developer contact

    If you want to participate in the development of Kettle, the best way is to fork Kettle and to generate a pull request against the Pentaho Kettle github project. Make sure to reference the pull request in your JIRA case.
    For general development questions, subscribe to the Kettle Developers mailing list (Google group).

    Please note that it's not at all appreciated if you try to contact developers directly with all sorts of user questions.


    There are certain folks on this forum, me included, that like to make a quick joke on occasion. This is especially the case when the question/post is silly enough to trigger such a response.
    Please remember that however a reply is given, it's not hard for a stupid joke to be misinterpreted. For example, cultural or lingual differences can lead to a total lack of (absolutely required) Monty Python knowledge.
    When in doubt, please assume that there are folks here that want to help you, not ridicule you.

    Memorable threads

    Below are a few memorable thread on a subject that might or might not interest you. Whatever the case, don't ask about these topics on the forum anymore:

    Thank you for reading and for participating!

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    I am new to this forum, Can any1 tell me how shud i post a new query or start a new thread..

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    You click on the "New thread" button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mukesh Kumar View Post
    I am new to this forum, Can any1 tell me how shud i post a new query or start a new thread..
    If you write in proper English I will tell you

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    May I add a tip to newbies, like myself? Don't use the "Insert Inline" option when attaching files to posts. Just leaving them on the "Attachments" field of the Manage Attachments window already does the trick I know, I did that a couple times before realizing the problem =p

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    didnt get this trick ? is it related to pentaho ? or the website here?
    Atul Darne.

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    Related to website (Pentaho Forum).

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    Hi Matt.
    I have already posted my request in a different forum, so feel free to delete this post after you've read it.

    Few times I have tried to search this forum to check if someone else had encountered the same problem and if they found a solution for it.
    Unfortunately the search for multiple keywords in this forum does not work quite well.. or at least I don't understand how to use it.
    It seems to me that if I enter 2 or more words, the results are posts where ANY of those words are present, not where ALL those words are written.


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    To be honest, I use Google myself for these things :-)

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    I need this book Pentaho Kettle Solutions urgently in in Tanzania with no credit card, i have visa card though can you direct me on which site i can get it online using my visa card and paypal acount?


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