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Thread: Modify Input prior to SQL execution

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    Default Modify Input prior to SQL execution

    I have a sql statement with a WHERE clause that looks like this: WHERE orderType in ({PREPARE:newOrderType})

    Prior to this action I have a javascript action that will set the values of newOrderType. newOrderType is a string.

    The problem I'm having is if I want the where clause to look like WHERE orderType in ('I', 'C') I am not sure how I need to assign those values in the javascript code. If I say
    newOrderType = 'I';
    that works fine, but newOrderType = "'I','C'"; does not work.

    How do I assign multiple values to the string so that the sql statement recognizes it correctly within the IN list?


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    If your going to mess around with your input in the javascript you can make sure that your users are not passing you garbage and then just use {VarName} rather than {PREPARE:VarName} this will not add the quotes around it and so should allow you to put your in clause as 'x', 'y', 'z'

    However the usual warnings about passing un-validated user input to your database apply when not using PREPARE. (

    Good luck

    SQL: as much of a standard as the English language

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    That works. I am also able to mess with the multiselect values in the preExecution function of the component.

    The thing that seems strange though if nothing is selected (user ctrl-clicks the only selected value so that it looks like nothing is selected) it still shows that one value is selected.

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