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Thread: Problems refreshing database information

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    Default Problems refreshing database information

    Hi again guys,

    I'm having a very strange problem with the Kettle.

    I have some tables in a Oracle database that I insert data with a Kettle transformation.

    By a fate hit, the customer asked to alter some columns in a table (ohhh, I'm so surprised -.-").

    I have altered the table and opened the transformation to update the table insert, but the Kettle isn't refreshing the database information.

    In the database explorer, the table layout is with the same columns than before my alteration in the table.

    I have already refreshed 10000 times the explorer, closed the Keetle e opened it again, but the columns are the same.

    Looking the table in the SQL Developer, the table is normaly altered.

    Somebody knows what's causing this? =/

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    Clear the database cache. (right click on the connection in the left tree)

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    It works, thank you =D

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