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Thread: Another issue exporting all linked resources.

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    Angry Another issue exporting all linked resources.

    Hi everyone,

    I am having an issue with the 'exporting all linked resources to XML'.
    I created a very simple transformation that uses the 'Set variables' step.
    This step has a 'Default value' - in case no rows get to it.
    Here is an image showing the transformation.
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    The problem arises when i do the 'export all linked resources to XML', it seems as if the Default value does not make it to the XML. Here is a snippet of the XML:
    <name>Set Variables</name>

    Has anyone encountered this behavior? Is there a fix for this? I know I can go and manually edit the XML, but the list of manual changes after export just keeps growing...


    Carlos Castro

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    Please mention the PDI version you are using, if you use a repository, etc in the bug report.


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    I am using PDI 3.2.0.

    I do have a repository where I keep the jobs and transformations during development. When it comes time to deploy the job to the production servers this is done via the ZIP file created with the 'Export all linked resources' + the manual changes.

    I filed the a jira bug:

    Carlos Castro

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    Thanks Carlos!

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    Default Not just the export all linked resources

    It does it with a straight export of xml as well:

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