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Thread: Kettle - Salesforce Input Plugin installation and Use

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    Default Kettle - Salesforce Input Plugin installation and Use

    We have installed Pentaho EE 3.X version recently. I want to install Salesforce Plugin to that and use it in kettle to get the data from Salesforce to my local Oracle tables.
    1. Where can I get the Stable version?
    2. Do we hav any documentation on how to use Salesforce Plugin (paramaters we need to insert while using)?

    Srini P

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    Since 3.2 (if my memory is good) is a core step (no need a plugin)...but before you have to get the plugin :

    and read the INSTALL.txt file :-)

    The step is easy to use :

    - just need you login /password (in fact token+password)
    - select a module
    - get fields (see fields tab) and run ...


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    Default Did not able to see Salesforce plugin

    Thanks for your quick response Samatar.

    I am using Kettle 3.1.2 (EE). Build Version - 10064. I did follow your steps.

    1. Copied extracted WinZip into - C:\Program Files\pentaho\design-tools\data-integration\plugins\steps\SalesforcePlugin.
    2. Restarted BI server and Spoon.

    I did no find this plugin in the Spoon?
    Where can I see this SalesforcePlugin in Spoon - Input or Transforrm?

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    How can I get the salesforce step working if I am behind a firewall??

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    Hello! I just answered how to connect to salesforce from behind a firewall in this posting:
    You just need to set the _JAVA_OPTIONS command line param and pass proxy settings to spoon. I haven't tried it using kitchen yet but it probably works the same.
    Hope that helps!

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