I'm having a bit of trouble getting ad-hoc reports to work correctly against an Ingres 2.6 database. I've tried a number of JDBC drivers, including the 9.1, 9.2 and whatever one is packaged with the various pentaho tools. The apparent problem is that scrollable result sets are not supported by the database & driver combination.

I've successfully created a metadata model, and when attempting to run ad-hoc reports against it, I get the result “No data available” being displayed in the ad-hoc report preview. The exception generated mentions:

SQLResultSet.ERROR_0001 - Could not obtain rowcount.
com.ingres.gcf.util.SqlEx: Request is not supported.

One apparent workaround is to save the report, then change the <live> property in the report's .xaction file to “false” which disables the use of scrollable result sets. However, this won't really work as a solution for supporting users who need to generate ad-hoc reports.

Is there a way to configure the default behavior of ad-hoc reports such that scrollable result sets are not used? Or is there another way to work around connecting Pentaho to Ingres for the purpose of ad-hoc reporting?