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Thread: Rename a file on the remote FTP server.

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    Default Rename a file on the remote FTP server.

    Hi Community,

    I was wondering if there is ftp feature in kettle by which i can rename a remote file once it has been fetched to local box?

    The reason is, i pull files using a wildcard and process them. But i don't want to get the old files again(already processed ones) everytime a run my kettle job.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you mean like moving files to a subdirectory (like "Processed")?

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    Not really. That i guess I can do directly using the "Get a file with FTP" option. But i just want to rename the file name that i have fetched with a timestamp at the end and keep it in the same folder where it was.

    One way was to
    1. get the file to local box and delete it from remote box.
    2. Put the same file back to the same remote folder with a new name.

    But can there be a way better way to do this.


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