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Thread: Getting Kitchen/Pan Error Codes

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    Default Getting Kitchen/Pan Error Codes

    Hi, I've been looking around and haven't seen any answers to the following question:

    Once executing a command through Kitchen or Pan, how can I obtain the Error Codes?

    I want to do this because I need to create a batch to execute my Jobs every once in a while, and I need to stop these executions in case there is an error.

    Hope someone can help me. I would appreciate if the help could be detailed since I am new at PDI.

    I am using PDI version 3.1.0 (Stable)

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    yes matt, thanks for the link. I had seen that before, but my question is another. How do I get these error codes? How can I know wich one was thrown?

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    That depends on platform, which you didn't specify.

    Google knows the answer, and it's not a PDI specific thing.

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    I am working in Linux Ubuntu! sorry, I forgot to point my OS out!

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