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Thread: Using Multiple Custom Data Source

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    Default Using Multiple Custom Data Source


    I am designing a Report using PRD3.0.0 and and leveraging Custom Data Source feature of Pentaho Report Designer.

    My Report layout has information that comes from different sources (
    Source 1: Report Header; Source 2: Report Table Data)
    So I successfully added 2 datasources to Report DaatSource Structure and used them in header fields and Item band. Now when I preview Report only 1 Custom Data Source (say Source 2 ) data is fetched and displayed on Report.
    Now If I remove Custom Data Source(source 2) from Report Datasource then Preview of Report shows me data from Custom Data Source( source 1)
    Please note I tried adding 2 static methods returning TableModel in single class and also creating 2 classes that have 1 static method each that returns TableModel

    Question: Is it by design that limits adding custom data source only once, or the way I am using Custom Data Source is not correct?

    Thanks in advance,

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    There is no limitation on adding number of data sources in pentaho reporting.
    I m using jndi as well as xquery inside sigle report and report seems to work f9 with both ..So mite be some other issue.

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