Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the best way to change a user's login in the repository. I am using PDE 3.2.0 and a storing the jobs in a repository.

Up to this point I have developed all the jobs and transformations under the default 'admin' user (with Administrator profile). I now want to change the user of those jobs and transformations to a different one.

If in the 'Repository Explorer' I right click on a user I can change the user's login (ex. from admin to Carlos). However, when I do this, all of the jobs and transformations created will still belong to 'admin' and not to 'Carlos'. It seems as if in the repository database there is ON UPDATE CASCADE missing...

Is there a better way of changing a user's login - that brings with it all the jobs and transformations that he defined? Or do I need to go into the database where the repository is stored and manually change all the tables that point the user? (r_user, r_job, r_transformation, r_repository_log)


Carlos Castro