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Thread: Merge join with 2 keys as OR ?

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    Default Merge join with 2 keys as OR ?

    Is it possible to do a merge join with an OR clause in the join.
    I have a table where one or the other number should match like in:

    SELECT * FROM porg inner join hsf_modul ON (porg.pnr=hsf_modul.pnr OR porg.pnr=hsf_modul.oldpnr)

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    Just for your info:
    Meanwhile i use a Database Join step to do this task.
    Dont know if this is "best practice", so this is the only remaining question.

    I previously used jitterbit, and use pentaho now since a week and have to say:
    Pentaho is getting better and better each day i use it. And thats not easy, as it was great after getting above the starting troubles.

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    Conditional joins are typically considered a bad practice in SQL. You could easily re-write this as two left joins.
    Here is a link to a page that explains this situation and how to solve it (it is written for MS SQL Server, but the ideas apply to other RDMS):

    Hope this helps,

    Carlos Castro

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