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Thread: Issues With Internet Explorer

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    Default Issues With Internet Explorer

    I have built a few sample dashboards that all work fine in Firefox but I am having problems when trying to run them in Internet Explorer. None of my openflashchart charts work. I get the following error:

    Open Flash Chart

    JSON Parse Error [Syntax Error]
    Error at character 0, line 1:

    0: GenericServlet.ERROR_0002 - Could not get content generator: data-file

    I also have issues with jFreeCharts. In Internet Explorer the pop-up menu where you can change the chart type or export the results is always displayed. When I try to select one of the items nothing happens.

    Are these known issues with Internet Explorer or am I doing something wrong?

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    I have the same problem with IE 8 (pentaho BI 3.0 et CDF 3.2)

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    i thought i'd read a jira about ie8 and cdf but i can't find it now - so i think others have had problems too.

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    Does that component reference work in IE?
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