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Thread: FTP files from remote server with zip

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    Default FTP files from remote server with zip


    We have few remote machines (clients) and one server. On server pentaho is installed. Now on client machines we have files generated at regular basis. We need to transfer those files via ftp to the server machine. We made a job in pentaho for the same which bring the files using 'Get file with FTP' . Since the volume of files is very large, it takes a lot of time for the same. Now we want our ETL job should first zip the files and then ftp to the central server.

    How can we achieve zipping files on remote machine and then transferring the same to central server by running the job at central server...

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    There is no good way to do this with Pentaho. PDI can't send any program to the other machine to do this. At least I can't really think of a way.

    A suggestion for your case:
    * Use a cronjob on the remote machine to zip those files.
    * And if you're at it: just use rsync to transfer the files.
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    Fabian's two suggestions are what I would suggest you look at first.
    If you really want to try to do this through PDI, take a look at the Execute Script Job Entry. You could probably write a script that would do the zipping, and have that job entry run by a carte server running on that remote machine.

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