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Thread: PRD 3.5RC1: Chart Editor clears Data Collector

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    Default PRD 3.5RC1: Chart Editor clears Data Collector

    In 3.5RC1 and also in earlier integration builds that I have I can't get charts to work. As soon as I opened a chart's editor (by double clicking) the data-source property is set to "Data Collector 0" (which seems to be configurable on the right side of the editor pane). Whatever I set for that collector in the editor I get CHART.USER_NO_DATA_AVAILABLE when I view the report. When I select another data collector that I manually created from the data -> functions element it is never saved when I click OK in the chart-editor.

    This also means: When I load "product sales summary.prpt" and make preview, the chart looks good. when I enter the chart editor and just click ok the data collector seems to be reset and the report doesnt work anymore. Anybody else got problems like that with charts in citrus?

    btw.: how am I now supposed to define data collectors? in the editor of a particular chart? or under data->functions? seems to me that these two places don't coexist so properly

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    It is best to use the Chart-Editor's method for creating the collectors. The chart-editor stores the generated chart-expression and the collector-function(s) as attributes on the chart-element.

    You can even get your own collector-function into the chart-editor by simply having the proper meta-data for your expression. Your expression-metadata then has to state which kind of dataset it returns, and the chart-editor will be able to pick it up from there.

    You can also safely avoid the chart-editor by editing the chart-expression in the chart-element's attribute directly. After all, the chart-editor is nothing more than two expression-editors in the same dialog. Aside from a lot of eye-candy, there is no magic in there.

    I would also say that the chart-editor's nasty "you have to have my kind of collector" functionality can be considered a bug. After all, the old way of having the collector as global function should work equally well. (We moved the chart-expression and collectors into the chart-element to make it easier to copy/paste/delete element without leaving these expressions behind.)
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