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Thread: Java heap space- out of memory error

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    Default Java heap space- out of memory error


    Each Transformation contains 4 database lookup and 3 stream lookup steps.
    Two transformations with same steps am running job using parallel launch.

    Actually i need to run with 5 million input records
    Facing memory error with 50,000 input records itself (workg with 20,000) .
    As specified in other threads i tried by increasing jvm memory in spoon and kitchen.bat (256m to 1536m) then also same error, beyond that can't able to increase

    other details : 1Gb RAM and 32-bit processor

    Please suggest me better solution.


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    I would say your main problem is your 1GB RAM. I am not sure if the computer swaps, when you set your maximum heap space size bigger than your actual RAM size. There are ways to change your transformation to use less heap, but that usually means, that they run slower. Maybe you should start by not running your transformations in parallel, when you cannot get more RAM.

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    thanks a lot for your reply hymmen.

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    I have the some problems these time,Can we use the cache if we have a large number of data

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