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Thread: How do you move platform 3.5 to oracle repository?

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    Default How do you move platform 3.5 to oracle repository?

    Hi, i have a CE 3.5 snapshot platform running that i want to move to an oracle soltion repository.

    I found this guide, but it doesnt seem to be relevant:

    Is there another doc? Or can it simply be done entirely by the enterprise console or something?


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    Ok, so it's a simple as running the 2 oracle scripts to create the user/db and then editing these 2 files:




    Then it works, very easy!

    So basically ignore the 2.0 instructions!

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    wow. oracle repository is a LOT slower than a local hibernate one!

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    Default Oracle Repository

    I also had to change the context.xml file in tomcat/webapps/pentaho/meta-inf/context.xml

    Then I moved security as well for the applicationContext-spring-security-jdbc.xml to oracle
    and to oracle. (dialect= oracle10gDialect)

    I moved quartz and hibernate to Oracle and on a 64bit server (win2003 64bit server) with two quad core processors and 16GB ram (also runs oracle production DB and Crystal reports server xi). The performance seemed to be much better than hibernate for me. I also ran tomcat native 64bit at the same time so it used more ram and may have been the performance difference I saw.

    FYI- I have only just started using Pentaho....

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