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Thread: Please help - Decimal value to hexadecimal ??

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    Default Please help - Decimal value to hexadecimal ??

    hello !!

    i need to convert Decimal value to hexadecimal... If anyone tried this Could you please let me know How I can do this


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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Use a JavaScript step or a Janino step.

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    Hi .. I am sorry if I was not clear..

    I am kind of novice to Java scripting and language ...

    can you please let me know the function which does this conversion from decimal/string to hexadecimal


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    Look under

    Hex to Integer:
    \samples\transformationsJavaScript - Hex to Integer conversion.ktr

    For a Integer to Hex I tried:
    var nummerke = 0x10000 | VariableInteger).substring(1).toUpperCase();

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks this works !!!!

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