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Thread: Make trasformation database transactional with PostgreSQL

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    Default Make trasformation database transactional with PostgreSQL

    Hi all,
    I'm working with PDI and PostgreSQL.

    I have defined a trasformation with two simple steps: the former read a table
    from the DB, and the latter execute an SQL script for each row passed in.

    In detail, the SQL script contains five SQL inserts that must be performed
    together (ie. in one transaction) in order to avoid DB contraints violation.

    So, if I add in the SQL script the BEGIN and COMMIT statements everything works fine.
    But i DON'T want to COMMIT for each row passed in: i want to COMMIT at the end
    of the trasformation, in order to (try to) increase execution performance.

    Then i drop BEGIN and COMMIT statements and i check the "Make the trasformation
    database transactional" option. And this way trasformation FAILED!
    (the failure come from constraints violation mentioned above).

    And in a separate test, i've found that "make the trasformation
    database transactional" option don't cause any rollbak if anything go wrong.

    I'm not sure if i've found a bug or if I didn't understand something.
    Any suggestion?

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    If you're sure you found a bug file a report at

    And version numbers are also nice of course... of PDI, of MySQL, jdbc driver version, ...


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    Ok i wasn't sure about the bug, and in fact there isn't any one here

    Your reply enlightened me: i have upgraded PostgreSQL from 8.3 to 8.4 but i forgot to upgrade the JDBC driver too!
    I put the JDBC driver for 8.4 in PDI/libext/JDBC folder and now everything works fine!


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    Ahem...forget my previous post!
    Today i made a better test and yes, i have the same problem

    Now I'm going to create a new issue in jira.

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