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Thread: Disappearing data bug

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    Exclamation Disappearing data bug

    I have a problem where I add a dimension to my query and when I expand it no data is sometimes displayed and others it is not when valid data exists. For example, I can display the measures for all time periods, but when the "region" dimension is expanded I either get no data for any of the child records or get some, but not all, of the data. The strange thing is if I toggle the suppress zero's button on and off without changing the query I get different results.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue before?

    I have obtained the latest source code from Mondrian's perforce vcs and could really use some help in figuring out what this problem is. I contacted Pentaho about this for support and was directed to submit my problem to these forums.


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    Default My data is disappearing too

    Some mdx queries return correct data, others return no data at all. For example:

    SELECT {([Measures].[Unit Count], [Owner].[All Owners])} ON columns, [First Pay Date].[All Periods].Children ON rows FROM [Unit]


    2150 units for the 2009 row
    breaking down the 2009 row by quarter:

    SELECT {([Measures].[Unit Count], [Owner].[All Owners])} ON columns, [First Pay Date].[All Periods].[2009].Children ON rows FROM [Unit]

    shows nothing for all 3 quarters. There should be hundreds each. If I try to break that down further to the month level, I also end up with nothing.

    interestingly, choosing a different year actually does return data:

    the 2008 row has 636 units, breaking it down:

    SELECT {([Measures].[Unit Count], [Owner].[All Owners])} ON columns, [First Pay Date].[All Periods].[2008].Children ON rows FROM [Unit]


    69 for first quarter
    122 for second quarter
    175 for third quarter
    270 for fourth quarter

    just as it should.

    Oddly enough, if I get rid of the quarter level in the hierarchy, leaving only year, month, and day, breaking it down to month works fine.

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    I figured out what was happening in my case.

    I use MS-SQL Server which is case *insensitive* whereas Mondrian is case-sensitive. What happened is I had a member set that had the following:


    When Mondrian determined the distinct members it only fetched: Americas and Europe. However, when it fetched the actual data it had some rows that were using the upper case version. These uppercase ones seemed to disappear.

    What I had to do was make all the data in the member column upper case and trim them so no trailing spaces were found either. Once I did this all operations worked without issue.


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    i also faced the same problem.. i use MYSQL as the DB.. with table data as case insensitive..

    I had Task types as
    Modeling, CAD, MODELING, etc...
    I checked the log for details.. it showed modrian fires 2 quieries
    1. The 1st query fired is
    Select distinct `Task`.`TaskType` as `c0` from `Task` as `Task`

    Which returns data as
    2. Then the 2nd query fired is
    Select `Task`.`TaskType` as `c0`, count(`Task`.`TaskId`) as `m0`
    from `Task` as `Task`

    Which returns data as
    CAD 18

    And hence Modeling is not show on the screen..

    I changed the data in the table (MODELING -> Modeling) then it works fine..

    Is there any other way to do so??
    May be by changing the mondrian source where the query is been generated.. to convert the data to lower case or so...

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