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Thread: Creating a custom Launch.jsp

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    Default Creating a custom Launch.jsp

    Hi folks,

    Im looking to create a custom Launch.jsp depending on the user and / or group logged into the platform. The Launch.jsp is the main window you get after you log into the BI v3.x platform (the one with the three buttons for creating a new analysis view, report and schedule).

    Even though this screen is nice i would rather display a dashboard (or some other solution) here instead.

    The two things i need to do is determine the user / group that has logged in (so a little custom jsp is needed here) then after that we can use a switch to render the HTML or whatever we want that user / group to see.

    Of course what would be even better is if we could determine who logs in and then automatically execute a solution in a tab. Im pretty sure there are others out there that would also like this sort of functionality so im looking for idea's and information.

    A platform developer would be a good candidate to look over this post

    Cheers! - Ivy Information Systems

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    Red face This could work...


    For people who don't know the launch JSP is located in the tomcat/webapps/pentaho/mantle/launch.jsp
    I'm no guru with this sort of stuff but maybe this can help you get a head start with the problem:

    1. Include the jquery library in launch.jsp
    2. Setup a system xaction to output the current User/Role in JSON
    3. Setup a xaction which will display your solution based on a User/Role
    4. Do a getJSON request to the system xaction
    5. On the success of getting the JSON forward the window.location of the page to the xaction defined in step 3 setting the parameters of User/Role in the URL

    The point of using jquery is to make it a flawless transition using AJAX - I have no idea if this will work or if it even makes sense but I'm just stabbing in the dark here.

    Let me know how you go!
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    I know this is an old one, but in case anyone stumbles upon it...

    To get user information from a jsp page in the platform, you can import the "" and "" classes, and then use any methods from the User class, i.e.:

    User user = (User) SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication().getPrincipal();
    out.println("Username: " + user.getUsername());
    for (Object o : user.getAuthorities()){
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    Default importing classes

    Not being a java developer but having a definite need for the functionality you describe here, could you explain to me what I would do to:

    "you can import the " extHolder" and " "

    I have a customer .js file which I use for all my CDF dashboards and would benefit from being able to store the logged in user (principalName) in a javascript variable.


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