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Thread: Changing of the report output format

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    Default Changing of the report output format


    i already used the forum seach but I found no answer to my question.

    I know, that the report output format is changable through the altering of an xaction file.

    But my aim is the changing of the output format of a report during or before the report starts. Is it possible in the pentaho user console?

    It would be nice if I could add a button, where the user can export the report in different file types (pdf, xls, csv,...).

    Thank you.


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    Well, if you're using Report Designer to publish your reports, it's actually quite easy: in version 3.0 you have the "Prompt for report output type" checkbox in the "Publish Report" dialog box. In version 3.5 you simply need to leave the "Lock Report Output Type" checkbox clear.

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    Hi tdidomenico,

    thank you for your answer.
    Do you know a posibility to create it with the Pentaho Design Studio by using of xactions?
    (I use birt reports in pentaho, and this birt reports have to be integrated with xaction-files in "design studio". These files will deployed manually on tomact server.


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